Lisa Zepeda

Massage Therapist

“I enjoy seeing women reconnect with their reproductive system with this work, they transform and look at their body SO different after that.” Lisa Zepeda, Maya Abdominal Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Arvigo® Practitioner

Lisa Zepeda finished massage school in 2010. She then continued her studies with a 3 month course for Sports Massage which taught her many techniques including muscle firing patterns and less invasive ways to decrease hypertonic muscles. She spent almost 7 years working with pain patients, and now has shifted her focus to abdominal massage using the Arvigo® technique. She traveled to Belize in order to become a certified Arvigo® practitioner.

She is ready to spread the traditional healing to those in need of fertility, digestive, and urinary disorders to name a few. Lisa loves educating and reminding her clients that it is their body and they are the voice for it when it comes to making decisions. She enjoys hearing and seeing her patients find it again through bodywork and getting an explanation as to what is going on internally.

Lisa sees patients in need of fertility and other abdominal massage in our Tacoma office.

2018 | Completed Pelvic Pain Course focusing on female pelvic pain relief and wellness.

2017 | Completed Professional Care for Maya Abdominal Massage through the Arvigo® institute.

2010 | Completed and graduated from 3 month Sports Massage program through Everest College.

2010 | Graduated from Everest College for Massage Therapy.

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