C-Section Recovery Using Maya Abdominal Massage

Now that you’ve welcomed your little one(s) to the world, you may be wondering what recovery might be like after a cesarean birth. You are not alone, many women do. Once you’ve healed and have been cleared by your doctor/midwife/physician (usually 6-8 weeks post-delivery), invest in your future and make some time for you to receive Maya Abdominal Massage.  

Post-Cesarean Maya Abdominal Massage Can Help:

  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Help repair and strengthen uterine ligaments
  • Improve circulation in the lymphatic system
  • Increase blood flow to area to aid healing
  • Reduce incision scar size and color

MAM is wonderful for reducing incision size, color and scar tissue build up, which can build up for the next 2 years. Over time, some women will notice changes in their bladder, uterine, and digestive function due to scar tissue building up and spreading within the pelvic region onto muscles, organs, the ovaries, ligaments, and fascia. Scar tissue starts to adhere and bind structures together making them unable to move freely, which can create pain. Maya abdominal massage will help improve circulation of the lymphatic system (white cells) and blood flow to aid in healing surrounding tissues; allowing the cells to be able to repair smooth and lay flatter. MAM also assists the uterine ligaments to repair and strengthen again after supporting a pregnancy.  

Even if it has been a few years since you’ve had a cesarean, receiving MAM and learning self-care can be very beneficial and supportive for your reproductive system and your overall health.

More information on massage at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates here.

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