Cold and Flu Season is Breathing Down our Necks!

According to Chinese medical theory, cold and flu viruses are abundant in the air we breathe and the “wind” blowing into our nose and mouth may drive the pathogen deep into the body. Once inside the body, the cold/flu virus can trigger an upper respiratory tract infection, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose and a host of other symptoms. Herbal formulas are useful in lessening the severity of cold/flu symptoms by providing strength and nourishment immediately after the body becomes infected. If you feel you are coming down with something, we recommend you come in for a treatment and herbal remedies. Our favorite herbal formula for the onset of a cold or flu is Gan Mao Ling, also known as Miraculous Cold Pills. Or “skittles” as our office calls them!

Gan Mao Ling is a Chinese herbal pill recommended when a common cold or flu virus is developing. Gan Mao Ling is used to release the exterior and clear heat and toxins from the body, and is recommended to be taken at the first sign of cold/flu symptoms. It alleviates the symptoms and shortens the duration of a cold or flu. However, if the cold progresses and enters the lungs, different formulas are required.

Gan Mao Ling may also be used preventatively, especially when people around you are sick, or when you are run down and want to stay well.

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