Detoxify Your New Year!

Detoxification, what a great New Year’s Resolution!  We offer guidance through our detoxification program at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates.  Read on to get excited about getting those toxins out!

Its surprising that many ingredients in products that we lather and slather ourselves with daily still contain ingredients that are known hazards to health.  Some ingredients we use everyday can be harmful to fertility (endocrine disruptors), cause developmental toxicity, cancer, or can irritate the skin.  For me, its completely overwhelming to keep tabs on all of the ingredients to in health and beauty products that we are suppose to avoid.  I was happy to come across the Environmental Working Group’s database (called Skin Deep) for looking up the safety of products:  sunscreens, makeup, skin care, hair care, eye care, fragrance, baby products, oral care, and men’s products.

EWG rates ingredients individually for overall hazard, cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity, and ingredients with use restrictions.  They also recently came out with a phone app (iphone and android) for scanning barcodes for easier look-up for products in their database.   While some newer products and formulations have not yet made it in the database, currently there are 79,870 products and 2,502 brands you can search.

I was surprised to see my shampoo and conditioner fared pretty poorly – 8/10, or “High Hazard” according to the database.  How do the products you use everyday score?

Because it’s close to impossible to avoid all of the hazardous chemicals we are exposed to, a detox program can be helpful to help our liver and kidneys excrete all the chemicals that build up over time.

Contact us if you’re interested in starting a detoxification protocol to help you feel more energetic, sleep better, and get all those chemicals out!

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