Placenta Preparation

Put down your lunch, we’re talking about placenta consumption after childbirth!  Almost all non-human mammals consume their own placental after birth.  In China, dried human placenta has been used medicinally for over 1200 years to help with problems like infertility in men and women, low sex drive, erectile dysfuntion, irregular menses, low back and knee pain, and tinnitus. It is also indicated for postpartum problems such as insufficient lactation. 
Today, some women choose to have their placenta dried and encapsulated after birth to help with fatigue, postpartum anxiety/depression, and lactation.  You can hire someone to professionally prepare (dry) and encapsulate their placenta after birth to help with recovery.  While I imagine its not for everyone, it can be beneficial and help with recovery in the months following birth. 

Here is a link to a funny article written about the experience. 

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