Prenatal Couples Massage Class

Massage Therapist

Dates Currently Available: Saturday, June 1st, June 22nd, Sunday, July 7th
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Southside Commons, Columbia City
3518 S. Edmunds St. Seattle 98118

Spend a relaxing and rejuvenating Saturday with us. Learn techniques that will help you enhance communication and connection with your partner through touch. Support one another and the pregnant partner's body through the pregnancy process. Develop massage tools and techniques for circumstances that couples may encounter during pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and beyond. This class is not designed for birthing or massage professionals, but for couples that are looking to spend a day connecting with one another, receiving and giving a massage (yes, both parties will give and receive!), and preparing for the arrival of the baby.

What you will learn: positioning for giving and receiving massages without burnout, juicy massage strokes and effective pressure points to support the pregnant parent and relax the support-parent, reflexology, massage, positioning and communication techniques for labor and delivery, implications and massage techniques for newborns.

This class can be taken any time during one's pregnancy, so feel free to sign up regardless of how far along you are. We believe it to be most ideal for couples 20-38 weeks.

TouchforTwo Pregnancy Massage Class is a supportive space for all couples and family structures to deepen their connection to one another in the birthing process. Our commitment is to hold space for each of our participants to feel welcomed and included. We encourage feedback before during and after our sessions to help us to ensure that your unique parenting experience is honored.

Instructor Bios

Danisha Jefferson-Abye, LMP, is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over 15 years of experience. A graduate of Brenneke School of Massage, she had extensive education in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Through the Arvigo Institute, in San Ignacio Belize she became certified in Maya Abdominal Massage, while completing case studies and an apprenticeship with Dr. Rosita Arvigo, D.O, Herbalist. Danisha has also done a great deal of studying from traditional indigenous Aunties and Grandmas who have passed down centuries-old techniques and teachings. It is Danisha’s desire to support the health and well-being of women and their reproductive systems; helping women reach their goals around health and fertility. MA00019585

Nacala Ayele, LMP graduated from Brenneke School of Massage’s 1000-hour expanded licensing program in 2005. A seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience Nacala tailors each session to meet the needs of her clients. She is especially gifted at deep tissue massage. After working with individuals for so long, Nacala has found that she really enjoys working with couples. It has been very gratifying to help couples to navigate the intricacies of communicating their needs to one another and how they prefer to be cared for. MA00023358



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