Five Element Acupuncture

What is Five Element Acupuncture?

Five Element Acupuncture originates from Classical Chinese Medicine ancient texts and traditions pre- General Mao Communist China. 

A time when examining a person’s mental, emotional, or spiritual components were not considered “woo-woo” but in fact a way to gauge a full depiction of one’s health. 

It is rooted in the study of the dynamic movement of the 5 elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal. In that order, each element generates the next one. There is also a checks and balance system where each element doesn’t overpower another one. Just as a forest fire can run rampant, water can cool it to stop the harm in its tracks. 

All of the elements in nature are also represented in our body, mind, and spirit through the correspondent organs and meridians. Our chi circulates in a certain pattern each day, as well as through each season of the year. 

When we live in accordance with the seasons, as well as our own authentic inner nature or rhythm, life feels at ease and balanced. Often times however, things happen that disrupt our balance. Many feel dis-ease on the body, mind, spirit levels. 

Five Element Acupuncture can help anyone who needs some extra support bringing things back into balance. Practitioners do this by working with your constitutional element, as this is where you shine! By amplifying who you are in health, your other elements and meridians will begin to re-find their natural rhythm once again!

Treatments last about an hour, and in comparison to TCM treatments, the practitioner will remain in the room with you the entire time. Needles are typically not left inserted after stimulation, and if moxa is tolerable it is used to warm and activate the points prior to needling. 

Everyone has a unique response to 5E treatments as they are based on each person’s unique presentation and constitution. People come in for 5E for all sorts of symptoms or experiences, from emotional turmoil, to physical pain or discomfort, feeling lost in life, or simply wanting reinforcement during a particularly difficult season in their life. Often times people have used these words to describe how they feel after a treatment: euphoric, grounded, clear, balanced, energized, relaxed, at ease, along with many other beautiful words!

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