Laser Therapy for Pain

Low Level Light Therapy

LED panel

or LLLT includes cold laser and LED therapy, both have been shown to:

  • promote tissue repair
  • decrease scar tissue
  • decrease pain
  • relax muscle tension
  • stimulate nerve regeneration
  • reduce inflammation

Acupuncture Northwest & Associates (with clinics in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue) offers PhotoBioModulation for pain.

PhotoBioModulation includes low level laser therapy (LLLT) or cold laser:

Here at Acupuncture Northwest, we use laser for all types of pain, along with acupuncture. You can also just get laser if you wish. 

We use coherent, directed red and infrared therapy with a Powermedic class 3B laser that penetrates deeply into the body. We also use a red and infrared Celluma LED panel that provides treatment to a wider treatment area. 

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(After her first laser treatment) "Is it possible that the laser works that fast?? I didn't have any pain in my foot, I could climb the stairs outside of your office for the first time since May and the swelling went down so much that I could wear a shoe!"
- Sheila