Pregnancy Coaching

Research Driven, Individualized Support During Your Pregnancy

Nourishing the Seed Pregnancy Coaching™

Need someone you can count on to be there with you throughout your pregnancy? Someone who specializes in pregnancy and can help guide you, cheer you on, be a sounding board as you create "your best pregnancy" or you make the best of your pregnancy. That's a pregnancy coach. 

Let a pregnancy coach join you on that journey! Whether it is your first or third. Using the tenants of Chinese medicine, a pregnancy coach can help guide you, offer support and train partners/support people how to you with acupressure through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Think of us as your pregnancy personal trainer!

The Pregnancy Coaching Program includes:

  • Assessment
  • Support
  • Accessibility
  • Guidance


  • Chinese Medicine Telehealth is available as needed. We are willing to work with your local acupuncturist.

To learn more about pregnancy coaching, email us.