What's Your Chinese Diagnosis?

photo of each of the five elements in strips and put together in a row

In order to discover your imbalances according to Chinese medicine, we need to root around in, well – all aspects of you, really! Use the following quiz to discover how you tick in Chinese medicine. Once armed with your “imbalances”, we can then begin to look at ways to help you be as healthy as you can be.

Remember that Chinese medicine is subtle, finding disharmony where Western medicine wouldn’t yet, so don’t be dismayed if you come out with three or four different diagnoses.  Chinese medicine’s ability to find the patterns that lead to disease makes it a powerful preventative medicine tool.  And when you catch something early, it is easier to treat and often responds to changing your food choices. 

What Element Are You?

There are five elements in Chinese medicine, and we often have one that is dominant (plus a few back ups).


A More In-Depth Diagnosis

While learning about the Five Elements is fun and informative, if you want to go deeper into Chinese medicine diagnosis, you can start looking at Zang Fu diagnosis. 

Zang Fu diagnosis is what most acupuncturists learn in school in modern times. Since the Cultural Revolution, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been dominated by the Zang Fu method of diagnosis. 

Here is an article to help you find your Zang Fu diagnosis.

Foods To Support Your Diagnosis

Food can be a great way to support your Chinese medicine diagnosis. There are foods that support the heart and other foods that help move the Liver qi. Check out this article with some great ideas to help you eat to support your constitutional type(s)!