Acupressure Training For Parents

Making Birth Better.

Acupuncture Northwest & Associates proudly teaches the class, "Labor Prep, Labor and Postpartum Acupressure".

  • Live classes are held once a month online. You can either register at our website or at the Lytle Center on the Swedish Hospital website.
  • You can also watch an on demand version of the class anytime (and have continual access to the class for 2 months). Click here for more information and to enroll.

This highly hands on and practical class will teach acupressure to help:

  • Prepare the woman’s body for labor
  • Reduce pain and fear in labor
  • Encourage milk production and reduce afterpains in the postpartum period. 
  • Give the partner/support person a way to be very supportive and feel useful
  • Help the couple bond during this very special time

We recommend taking the class between 28-35 weeks but if you are already beyond that, the class will still be very useful!

This class is a must for any person/couple preparing for labor, whether it’s your first or third child!

We want every pregnant person and their support person to be able to take this course, we offer a limited number of scholarships every month. Please use the contact us page to request a scholarship. We won't ask you any financial questions!

Sign up here:

Live (monthly) online Acupressure Class for Labor Prep, Labor & Postpartum  $45

On demand Acupressure Class for Labor Prep, Labor & Postpartum Class  $45



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"Today I am attending a birth, and my clients attended your acupressure parents class. It was so helpful for them. A lot of confidence and connection with the parent. Great team work in general. I am in love with K1 . Today I decided the point using a spike little ball while she was doing some hip movements in the birthing ball because she was experience some anxiety. I was stimulating points BL32, and her partner was using Ll4 at the same time. Great team work. Point K1 worked when she was receiving her epidural. I am starting feeling confident using the points. "
- Luisa - Birth Doula