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Seattle, Tacoma & Bellevue Clinics

Welcome to Acupuncture Northwest & Associates.

Outside of my own home, this is the place where I feel the safest. - Sheila (a Tacoma patient) in regards to our Covid safety measures, September 9, 2020.

All of our offices (Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma) are open but with a limited number of providers in each office to ensure the safety of our patients and providers. 

We please ask that if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, give the office a call and we will gladly reschedule your visit for another day, without a late cancellation fee.

Or you can schedule a telehealth visit and we can mail you Chinese herbs. You can learn more about telehealth here

A note from Clinic Director, Stephanie Gianarelli, " I am not currently taking new patients. And I am now based out of the Tacoma office. If you would like to have me involved in your care and you are in the Tacoma area, please schedule with Amanda Fu-Kalilikane or Lucas Hedrick. I have been training Amanda for the past several years in fertility enhancement and Lucas has previous fertility enhancement training. I work with them on a weekly basis to discuss all of their fertility cases. If you want to have me in on your first appointment, please call the office to schedule with either Lucas or Amanda and I will sit in on the fertility portion of your initial visit and we can create a plan together."

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New Patient Information:

Here is some information that you may want as a new patient to Acupuncture Northwest & Associates.   If you have any questions, please contact us.

Intake Forms:


Patient Responsibilities:

  • Please use the hand sanitizer as you arrive and as you leave.
  • You must wear a mask while you are in our clinic. 
  • Please don’t come early – no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Please come alone unless you need assistance. 

What we are doing to keep the clinic safe:

  • We have installed "Air Scrubbers" in each of our offices. They have been proven to get viruses out of the air. Read more about them here
  • Clinicians wash hands between patient visits as well as wearing masks (N95 or KN95).
  • Acupuncture tables, chairs and tables in treatment rooms are disinfected between each patient visit.
  • Door knobs, reception chairs, and other contact surfaces are disinfected regularly.
  • Any employees exhibiting respiratory symptoms have been asked to stay home for 14 days or get tested.

Tissues and hand sanitizer can be found in the reception area. The health and well-being of yourself and your family is a top priority at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates. We look forward to seeing you in the office and continuing to work with you.

New Patient Orientation Video

Schedule Appointment Free Phone Consultation

Your First Acupuncture Visit

Your first treatment will begin with an extensive interview covering most aspects of your health and habits. The practitioner will then look at your tongue and feel your pulse. All the information will be assessed to create a total picture of your state of health. If we feel that Chinese medicine would be effective for you, a treatment plan will then be written especially for you. An acupuncture treatment will be given and you may get a customized herbal formula. Your first treatment will take about 90 minutes, with subsequent treatments lasting 45-60 minutes.

Acupuncture uses hair-thin needles and is generally painless. A dull or achy sensation may be felt with needle insertion and this is very normal. All needles used are ONE-TIME USE, sterile and disposable. Most people find acupuncture very relaxing; in fact, many patients fall asleep on the table.

To prepare for an acupuncture treatment:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Do not eat a big meal just prior
  • But do not be hungry

We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our Seattle, Tacoma or Bellevue acupuncturists to answer your questions.

Your First Massage (There is currently no massage available due to Covid-19)

Therapeutic massage for pain and relaxation is available in the Seattle clinic only. For massage, we only can accept personal injury claims (PIP).  We give a time of service discount to our cash patients.

Fertility massage uses Maya Abdominal Massage (MAM), which is similar to getting a deep tissue massage except that the abdomen is focused on. The massage therapists do not go below the top of the pubic bone. MAM is used for fertility enhancement and digestive issues.

What to expect with your first MAM Consultation & Treatment:

  • Self Care Techniques
    Learn self-care techniques to do at home.
  • Recommendations
    Consult on lifestyle, nutrition and overall health.
  • Assessment
    Have abdomen and reproductive organs assessed for adhesions and position.
  • Treatment
    Repositioning of internal organs and breaking up stagnations.

To prepare for a Maya Abdominal Massage:

  • Do not eat a big meal just prior
  • But do not be hungry

Insurance does not cover Maya Abdominal Massage. If you have any questions, please contact us.