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Acupuncture Northwest & Associates was founded in 2000 in downtown Seattle by Stephanie Gianarelli, LAc, MS, FABORM with the desire to be where the people are. Stephanie was thinking big when she rented a clinic space in the historic Medical Dental Building with 5 treatment rooms all by herself! Twenty years later, Acupuncture Northwest & Associates now has 3 locations (Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma), 7 acupuncturists, and 2 massage therapists. Who knew?! Dedication to the medicine and working with the allopathic medical community provides a base for Acupuncture Northwest & Associates to continue to thrive and serve our patients. Almost all of our acupuncturists have even been awarded Seattle Met's prestigious Top Doc, with 5 of them winning in 2019!



Fertility Acupuncture and Fame

Starting in 2003, Acupuncture Northwest & Associates has been in the news spotlight for their fertility acupuncture. They were first featured in the Seattle Times when acupuncture for fertility was just beginning to be discovered. Directly after that first newspaper article, King 5 TV called to see if they too could do a piece for their TV show, Evening Magazine. Next, the late and really great, Kathi Goertzen did a series of pieces (both written, live in studio and filmed TV) for KOMO 4 News. Then in 2015 and again in 2017, the wonderful Kaci Aitchison of Q13 Fox did several pieces for the local news and even had  Stephanie in the studio for several live pieces.

Not Just Fertility!

We do help make a lot of babies, but we do other things as well! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats a myriad of other health complaints, such as our other specialities: pregnancy/labor/postpartum and the treatment of pain of all types.

     Pain Acupuncture:             

Several of our acupuncturists have additional specialty training in sports medicine acupuncture. To learn about acupuncture for back pain and how it treats other types of pain, go here.

     And acupuncture for so much more:

All of our practitioners are adept at treating headaches, allergies, anxiety, stress related issues and digestive complaints. Because TCM has a model of health (instead of just a differentiation of disease), we always have a place we are headed with our patients – back to health!

To learn more about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, click here.

For more information about pregnancy acupuncture, click here

Locations and Insurance

Our acupuncture clinics are located in SeattleTacoma & Bellevue. We accept many insurance plans, including Regence, Premera, Kaiser, First Choice, and Aetna. Contact your insurance plan for your acupuncture benefits.