Treat Headaches with Acupuncture!

Treating Headaches With the Help of Acupuncture!

a woman laying down with acupuncture needles in her nose, eyebrow, cheek and forehead

Headache remedies can be found in the most ancient of cultures. Although we must be thankful to western allopathic medicine for its ability to see inside the body and to diagnose and treat many life-threatening conditions, we are often left with limited options for alleviating more chronic and less diagnosable (from a western perspective) conditions, such as chronic headaches. Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbs, can be very effective in the treatment of headaches. 

Common factors contributing to the onset of headaches are:

  • genetic makeup
  • excess stress or emotions
  • spending more energy than you have (overwork or play)
  • diet
  • injury
  • There is also always a chance that headache pain is being caused by something organic such as a tumor. As with all severe symptoms, a visit to your MD to rule out a life-threatening situation is always appropriate. In addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbs, an important factor in relieving headache pain is lifestyle changes. Your capacity to deal with stress is often a very important element.

It is also possible that you could be running on an energy deficit. Simply put, you are spending more energy each day than you actually have and using caffeine to liberate energy to use today that you should be saving for tomorrow. In essence, you are draining your energetic bank account. If this sounds like you, one way to get back into energetic balance is to allow yourself to sleep more. This may sound perfectly reasonable, but it is amazing how many people don’t get as much sleep as they need. With some lifestyle changes, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are often very effective in helping to alleviate the pain of headaches.

Acupuncture and Headaches from provider Jodie Scott

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