Acupressure Training for Medical Providers & Birth Professionals



Making Birth Better.

Seattle based author and acupuncturist, Stephanie Gianarelli and world renowned acupuncture pregnancy specialist, Debra Betts teach western medical providers and birth educators how to incorporate acupressure in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. 

These classes are for:

  • OB/GYNs, MFMs, FMOB, NPs and Midwives
  • Nurses
  • Doulas 
  • Massage Therapists

Acupressure for Labor Prep, Labor and Postpartum - Certificate Course

This training is 6.75 hours and includes: 

  • 30 Minute Welcome class with Debra Betts and Stephanie Gianarelli 
  • Two hour training module - Acupressure for Labor Prep, Labor and Postpartum (filmed by Debra Betts)
  • One hour point location class with Stephanie Gianarelli on November 17th at 5 PM PST
  • 75 minute training module - Emotional Considerations Using Tacks and BBs (filmed by Debra Betts)
  • One hour training module - Using Moxibustion (filmed by Debra Betts)
  • One hour live Q&A with Debra Betts and Stephanie Gianarelli on December 1st at 5 PM PST
  • Certificate of completion
  • Care package of moxibustion, tacks and BBs!

This course is $200. The next class is OPEN! Feel free to sign up and tell your friends because we have a minimum number of students before we can run the class! Sign up here.

The pre-recorded material will be released on November 3rd with the live classes (held via Zoom) Wednesday at 5 PM PST on November 17th and December 1st.


Backstory and about the instructors:

Clinic Director, Stephanie Gianarelli and internationally known lecturer and author, Debra Betts have come together to teach a series of classes for western medical providers and birth professionals on using acupressure to prepare for labor, during labor and postpartum. 

Stephanie Gianarelli is the author of Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy: An Integrative Approach to Fertility Care and the founder and clinic director of Acupuncture Northwest & Associates. Stephanie brings her 20 years of experience to this class.

Debra Betts is the most well known pregnancy acupuncturist in the world. She has written text books that all acupuncture students learn pregnancy acupuncture from. She is also the driving force behind sharing with the world the power of acupressure especially in late stage pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Her booklet on using acupressure during labor has been translated into over 8 different languages. 

As this knowledge has spread throughout the birthing community, western medical providers have begun to see the benefit of this work and have begun to request the training themselves. That's how these courses came to be.



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"Today I am attending a birth, and my clients attended your acupressure parents class. It was so helpful for them. A lot of confidence and connection with the parents. Great team work in general. I am in love with K1 . Today I decided to use the point with a spiked little ball while she was doing some hip movements on the birthing ball because she was experiencing some anxiety. I was stimulating points BL32, and her partner was using Ll4 at the same time. Great team work. Point K1 worked when she was receiving her epidural. I am starting to feel confident using the points. "
- Luisa - Birth Doula