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Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Baby Feet

Acupuncture for Fertility

Located in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue, we are board certified fertility acupuncture specialists for both women and men. Fertility acupuncture should always include a comprehensive plan for all areas of your life. We will cover lifestyle choices and nutrition for fertility. Customized Chinese herbal medicine for fertility may be added to increase your odds of conception. Come see the best fertility acupuncturists in the region and make the most of your fertility!

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Knee Pain

Acupuncture Pain Clinic

Get back to your best and what you love with acupuncture for pain & sports medicine! Pain acupuncture is very effective for most types of pain. All of the acupuncturists at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates treat pain, both chronic and acute. Acupuncture treats back pain, knee pain, arthritis, migraines, just to name a few. If you are in pain, acupuncture is a great place to start!


Pregnancy Acupuncture

Acupuncture during pregnancy can be helpful in many ways. Acupuncture in the 1st trimester treats morning sickness, and can help reduce the risk of miscarriage. Gestational diabetes is often well managed with the help of acupuncture, as well as the aches and pains of pregnancy. In the 3rd trimester, acupuncture for breech babies and labor preparation can also be helpful! We have wonderful pregnancy acupuncturists in our Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma locations.

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Introduction to Acupuncture Northwest & Associates’ Clinics

The Best Acupuncture in Seattle, Tacoma & Bellevue

Founded in 2000 in downtown Seattle, Acupuncture Northwest & Associates is a natural healthcare clinic offering acupuncture and massage therapy with locations in SeattleTacoma and Bellevue near most population centers in the Puget Sound region. While best known for working with fertility, we also specialize in acupuncture for sports medicine, pain (both chronic and acute pain) and pregnancy acupuncture. In addition, we treat a wide range of other issues including acupuncture for menopause, insomnia, allergies, acupuncture for headaches and anxiety. Most major insurance plans accepted.

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What Patients say?

You all truly are doing amazing work and I'm so thankful for your support and care. You may hear this a lot, but I truly believe you are working miracles in the lives of so many. We certainly are grateful for the precious miracle you helped bring into our world. I know he wouldn't be here if I hadn't found you all.

Gratefully, K & J

As a physician, I refer patients to Stephanie on a regular basis and the feedback I get is outstanding. She is a skillful practitioner and a wonderful person. I have also heard many great reports about the other acupuncturists in this office. My patients have had amazing successes from their treatments at Acupuncture Northwest.

Judy Kimelman, MD of Seattle OB/GYN.

My hands stopped hurting with acupuncture. I didn't believe I could get the pain to go away because I have arthritis and it is bone on bone. Thank you! You guys are the best!

K.M. in the Tacoma office.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support. Our miracle baby finally arrived and I know if wouldn't be possible without you. You are truly special and I'm forever grateful to you.

Planeting the Seeds of Pregnancy Book

Stephanie Gianarelli and Dr. Lora Shahine of Pacific NW Fertility & IVF Specialists in Seattle have written a book about fertility enhancement called, Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy: An Integrative Approach To Fertility Care. The book is written in a conversational tone with lots of useful guidance and convincing research. You can start improving your fertility right now!

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