Acupuncture and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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What were you doing differently this time?   "Acupuncture."

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It is often a big decision to move forward with assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization). It can be expensive, stressful and time consuming. With so much riding on your ART, why not do everything you can to maximize your outcome?

How Acupuncture can help Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART):

  • Help increase IVF success rates (see the Research Pages).
  • Decrease the side effects of the medications.
  • Optimize sperm and egg health and the health of the unborn child through pre-conception care.
  • Build resilience to help you persevere and stay in treatment until successful.

Acupuncture Onsite For Embryo Transfer

With the current research, we recommend getting acupuncture onsite with your embryo transfer even if it isn't with us. - Stephanie Gianarelli, Clinic Director

Acupuncture on the day of IVF transfer can help:

Check to see if your fertility clinic offers acupuncture for the day of embryo transfer. 

Acupuncture For IVF Preparation

The research is strong for adding acupuncture when preparing for IVF to increase your chances of success

WSTCM Outcomes

Overall, nine to 11 acupuncture sessions with Whole Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine (WS-TCM) (including acupuncture) was associated with greater odds of live birth in donor and non-donor cycles (Hullender Rubin, Opsahl, Wiemer et al. 2015). Acupuncture also regulates and increases blood flow to the uterus to increase chances of implantation (Stener-Victorin 1996)

Both Contributing Partners Need to Prepare

Doing acupuncture for 3 months before your IVF  is wise, but sometimes not possible. If you don’t have that much time, there is still much that can be done.  - Stephanie Gianarelli, Clinic Founder and Director

When preparing for IVF, it is recommended that both partners who are contributing DNA to this child (both male and female) begin TCM treatment at least 3 months prior to egg retrieval or transfer. Oogenesis and spermogenesis cycles are approximately this long and it is ideal to begin working with the patient at the start of these cycles. Normally, you are seen once a week until the stimulation medications begin and then you are seen twice a week. Maya abdominal massage can be added in during this time as well and can also be very helpful in preparing for IVF.

Acupuncture treatment plans for IVF, IUI, timed intercourse with ART:

For Women During In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Prior to in vitro fertilization (IVF) until stimulation medications (3 months if possible)weekly 
During stim medstwice a week
Before transfer (0-3 days) - Onsite if possibleone treatment
After transfer (0-3 days) - Onsite if possibleone treatment
5-7 days after transferone treatment

For Women During a Timed Intercourse / IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) or Natural Cycle

Prior to IUI/ovulation (3 months if possible)weekly
Before IUI/ovulation (0-3 days)one treatment
After IUI/ovulation (0-3 days)one treatment
5-7 days after IUI/ovulationone treatment

For Men, during IVF/ IUI /Timed Intercourse or Natural Cycle

Prior to IUI/ovulation (3 months if possible)every 1-2 weeks
Before IUI/ovulation (0-3 days)one treatment

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Once Pregnant:

We recommend continuing acupuncture through your pregnancy. Frequency depends on your hCG numbers, your nausea level and other symptoms.

Acupuncture is sometimes covered for fertility by your health insurance. Call your insurance company to verify benefits.