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Acupuncture Northwest & Associates has been located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Washington near Westlake Center for over 18 years.  We’ve seen our practice grow and expand with the downtown around it, yet our focus on providing quality acupuncture for pain and other ailments has never changed. We pride ourselves on being the best downtown Seattle acupuncture clinic, and provide top of the line treatments for issues like pain, fertility, and pregnancy to those living and working in the downtown Seattle area. We have been featured in Seattle Times, Evening Magazine, KOMO 4 News, Q13 Fox, WARM 106.9 and in Seattle Magazine, South Sound Magazine, and Alternative Medicine Magazine for our expert acupuncture.

Many of our providers are leaders within the Traditional Chinese Medicine community. We have specialized training in acupuncture for fertility enhancement, pregnancy, and sports medicine.. Several of our providers have even been awarded Seattle Met’s esteemed Top Doc award several years in a row. Whether you’re a new patient or have been coming to us for years, we’re here to help you on your path to health.

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Providers & Staff

Stephanie Gianarelli

Stephanie Gianarelli

MS, AEMP, FABORM, Clinic Founder and Director
Jodie Scott

Jodie Scott

Andrea Iwi'ula

Andrea Iwi'ula

Matt Ferguson

Matt Ferguson

LAc, FABORM, Master Herbalist

Managing Your Health Through Acupuncture in Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Being located in a large and growing city like Seattle, Washington has its benefits. We are surrounded by some of the best healthcare providers in the nation, and we have food, entertainment, and transportation at our fingertips. With these opportunities, however, come choices - and stress. At Acupuncture Northwest & Associates in downtown Seattle, we know all about stress, and help our patients manage their health amidst the chaos. We’ve been around over 20 years, and have built relationships with the top doctors in the greater Seattle area. Whether you’re looking for a fertility doctor or an OB/GYN, a physical therapist or a dentist, we can refer you in the right direction. We know that living and working in Seattle is a fast-paced lifestyle, and we can keep up to help you slow down.

Seattle Acupuncture Clinic for Fertility

Baby Feet

Like our Tacoma office, the downtown Seattle clinic offers providers who are nationally board certified fertility acupuncturists (ABORM). In fact, our three locations are home to over half of the ABORM-certified acupuncturists in Washington State. We are proud to serve our patients looking for help with fertility support, and take our responsibility seriously. We are constantly growing and learning in the ever-changing field of fertility enhancement in order to provide our patients with top quality care. This includes working closely with the fertility clinics of the greater Seattle area, as well as with the medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and other healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment of fertility. Whether you are doing IVF, IUI, or trying naturally, we will help you maximize your fertility naturally.

Downtown Seattle Acupuncture for Sports Medicine, Stress, and More

Our downtown Seattle team is skilled in treating a variety of conditions, including sports medicine injuries, chronic pain, anxiety and stress, sleep, headaches and migraines, and digestive issues. We meet patients where they’re at, helping them set and achieve their health goals.

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Our Seattle office is open Monday – Friday, and our team is currently accepting new patients. Providers are also available for scheduled free 15-minute phone consultations. If you’re new to acupuncture, have a question about a specific condition, or want to learn more, schedule today!