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Helping bring healthy children into loving homes.

Here at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates, it is our honor to work with all types of couples and individuals to help them achieve their dream of becoming parents. 

As a clinic, we began specializing in fertility over 20 years ago, and have the most nationally certified reproductive acupuncturists (ABORM) in Washington State. We have done research on acupuncture with IVF and we know and work closely with the reproductive endocrinologists (fertility doctors) in the Puget Sound area. If you do not live in the Puget Sound region, go to www.ABORM.org to find a board certified fertility acupuncturist.

I refer patients who are interested in acupuncture and an Eastern approach to fertility care to Acupuncture Northwest because they are professional, board certified in fertility acupuncture, and I get wonderful feedback from patients that do treatment there. They enhance a holistic approach to care and spend time working on lifestyle changes that can improve overall health.”
– Dr. Lora Shahine of Pacific Northwest Fertility & IVF Specialists

How we can help

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We believe in integrative medicine.

We believe collaboration makes you stronger. From the very beginning we have chosen to work closely with the western fertility doctors for the patient’s benefit. Not living in your own information silo can feel vulnerable because everything you do is seen by others who have a different perspective, but it also makes a stronger provider. Integrative medicine allows the patient to have the best of both worlds, the wisdom of Eastern medicine and the science of Western medicine.

Whether you are trying naturally or with western medicine, freezing eggs or using donor sperm, we are here to help. Chinese medicine works with both female and male factor infertility.

When you come in to see one of our fertility acupuncturists, you get so much more than just acupuncture. Our providers look at all aspects of your life, including your physical health, nutrition, exercise habits, and relationships, knowing that all of these areas contribute or take away from your ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term. We then put together a comprehensive plan that covers all areas of your life to help you optimize your fertility. 

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Laser for Fertility

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Adding laser into your treatments can further increase your chances of having a healthy baby. 

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can:

  • Increases mitochondrial function and ATP production
  • Regulates inflammation
  • Increases blood flow to ovaries and uterus
  • Decreases stress and oxidative stress 
  • Softens scar tissue and adhesions

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Rainbow Family Building

It is our honor to work with the LGBTQIA+ community to help them create their loving families.

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The Book

Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy

Clinic director, Stephanie Gianarelli wrote Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy, An Integrative Approach to Fertility Care, with Dr. Lora Shahine. This book goes in depth into both Chinese medicine and allopathic Western medicine to bring you the best of both to help you optimaize your fertility and know what your fertility journey have have in store for you. Read more about the book here.

Informational videos

Watch short informational videos made by our practitioners on our YouTube channel with topics such as Female Fertility Enhancement, Male Fertility Enhancement, PCOS, and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.

Press Coverage

Seattle Met Top Doctor

Kaci Aitchson of Q13 came into our office in September 2017 and filmed Stephanie treating a patient and then interviewed her about treating infertility with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Two segments came out of that interview. Here they are!

In the Community

Acupuncture Northwest & Associates are the proud sponsors of our local RESOLVE chapter, a fertility support group. We also support the annual "Footsteps for Fertility", a charity 5K fun run that helps fund IVF for people in need. 

I've been seeing Andrea at Acupuncture Northwest for about 5 months now. I was looking for ways to enhance my fertility naturally and my OBGYN recommended her and this practice. It was the best decision I could have made. At my first appointment Andrea dove into why I was there, what my fertility goals were and ways she could help. She answered all of my questions and gave me handouts (and even a book about acupuncture) all with information around nutrition and vitamins that could also help me along my fertility journey. I left that appointment feeling hopeful and positive and immediately felt like this was the place for me. After seeing Andrea weekly, I began to notice a more regular cycle and after 3.5 months I got pregnant! Now I'm seeing her to help with nausea in my first trimester and I will continue to see Andrea throughout my pregnancy. The acupuncture itself was obviously great for me, but I truly think the help and support Andrea has given me over the past 5 months has been just as valuable.
- Courtney D
I gave birth to a baby boy in May. This could not have been possible without the relentless help and support from you. You were a pillar of support and strength for me and you have my lifelong gratitude for providing me the best care, guidance and support.
- L.S.