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Before you come in for the first time (or you have new insurance), call your insurance!

  • Here's how!
  • Make sure they cover acupuncture (and not just in lieu of anesthesia during surgery).
  • And if they cover acupuncture, do they cover it for what you are coming in for (like fertility).
  • Ask them how many acupuncture visits a year you have and when your year starts (it's not always January 1).

Some insurance panels are closed, so make sure your provider can take your insurance:

  • All providers accept United, Regence and Premera Blue Cross (Krissy Rock and Kathy Lai are in credentialing right now).
  • Only Matt Ferguson and Stephanie Gianarelli (Seattle/Tacoma) and Andrea Iwi'ula (Seattle/Bellevue) are in contract with First Choice. 
  • Kaiser Core - Matt Ferguson only. 
  • We are out of network with Cigna.


Please note: If your acupuncture benefits with Aetna are administered through AMERICAN SPECIALTY HEALTH, we will be out of network as of January 1st, 2022. It's worth a call.

UPDATED COVID-19 Information

  • You must wear a mask during your entire appointment. Please wear a surgical mask, a KN95 or an N95. If you come without a mask, we will supply one for you.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer when you arrive and when you leave.
  • Please come alone (unless you need assistance) and don't come more than 5 minutes early
  • If you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms or have recently been exposed to someone who tested positive, please reschedule your visit without a late cancellation fee.