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Emily Testimonial

We have boxes and boxes full of baby pictures and cards thanking us for our help with people struggling with infertility to create their families using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Here are just a few of those. <3

Thank you so much for all your efforts with these treatments to bring healing to my body since this past June. I KNOW that my time, energy and financial resources were not wasted and I'm grateful I found your clinic and that we were able to avoid the IVF process. We were planning to start that process next month. Right around the time I believe I conceived, I had an ultrasound that week and the large cyst we were treating had completely disappeared and there were no signs of inflammation. A perfect environment for conception.
Three words come to mind when thinking of Acupuncture Northwest; expertise, warmth and caring. I utilized them as my acupuncturist when I was trying to conceive a baby. I am 1000% convinced that I would not be the parent of a beautiful baby daughter today had I not utilized a top rate physician as well as Cindy. I highly recommend her! I sincerely believe without your treatment, I would not have my two beautiful babies. My doctors told me I couldn't have children, and acupuncture made it a reality. I suffer from high FSH - and no doctor would treat me for infertility (I was told donor egg or adoption). Their calm and holistic treatment approach made all the difference.
Hi! I saw Matt Ferguson for acupuncture around fertility a few months back. I am now pregnant, yay!
- Sarah
I would recommend Andrea to anyone!!! I began seeing her to help regulate cycles and increase fertility as my own methods of trying to get pregnant were unsuccessful. It was my first experience with acupuncture and I was initially hesitant about it, but after my first couple visits I couldn't imagine not continuing. Andrea was so positive and reassuring. She was the first person that gave me hope that I could still be a mother in the near future. Not only did I quickly notice positive changes physically, but I started to realize how she was one of my main emotional supports through the process as well. Andrea's utmost professionalism and thorough insight really helped give me clarity and peace of mind as I was going through such an uncertain time and couldn't get many answers from medical doctors. After only 6 months of regular acupuncture visits with Andrea and one IUI, I was pregnant! I am certain it is because she helped my body get back on track from being on birth control for 8 years and gear up for the only fertility treatment I needed to start a family. I have continued to see her through my first trimester and am growing a very healthy baby! I will forever be grateful for her help in my journey.
- Tiffany Goles
I wanted to say hello and thank you for your care during my pregnancy. It was so great to be cared for by your healing presence. I truly believe your care greatly contributed to all the good we are enjoying in her birth and newborn season.
We couldn't have had this sweet baby without you! I really appreciate all the care I've received from you over the last year!
You are amazing! Thank you so much for all your help! I am so blessed! This wouldn't have happened without you!
After several failed attempts to achieve a pregnancy through IVF, I sought out acupuncture. I can happily report my son is now almost 2 years old and my husband and I both feel that acupuncture helped to make our dreams come true. I am now attempting to get pregnant again and cannot wait to start acupuncture treatments. She is professional and compassionate and it was a pleasure to work with her on achieving our goals.
- Michelle
I loved my appointment with Matt Ferguson and I just wanted to call and have you thank him for me!
- a brand new mother (she called right after her baby was born
Thank you so much for all your support these past 9 months. I truly believe that [our] baby probably would not be here today if not for the help of acupuncture and the herbs! I'm so grateful that acupuncture was accessible to me and for the great care provided to me by you. Thank you again!
I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I went into labor the day after our last session and gave birth to a healthy, wonderful baby girl!
Thanks to you and your help, prep, knowledge/advice, and wonderful conversation, I've had two awesomely successful pregnancies and deliveries. You do great work and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you. I'm sending my sister your way and she is excited to start working with you.
We're in love [with our newborn baby]! You know, I don't think she'd be here without your assistance. We are so grateful!!
- Age 42
I first sought acupuncture as a natural remedy for my infertility, and visited a handful of recommended acupuncturists in Connecticut. Cindy was heads and tails above the rest - in her knowledge, technique, and personal interest in my situation. Unlike other acupuncturists, Cindy strives (and succeeds) in treating the whole person - consulting about diet, exercise, and emotional issues which influence the health and well-being of the patient. Needless to say, I am three weeks away from giving birth to my first child, which I am sure is in part due to Cindy's meticulous and thoughtful care.
- Anthea
Customer Testimonails
Dear Andrea and Acupuncture Northwest, Thank you for all of your care and support during my pregnancy. You are the best!! via another really cute card!
Thank you so much for helping with my fertility. I credit your acupuncture and herbs for my now 14 week pregnancy! We cannot thank you enough for your help.
- Age 43
I wanted to update you on the new addition to our family! We are all doing well, and I am healing up nicely. I feel pretty good and only a week post c section, I feel I am doing remarkably well. I am up and walking and all in all feeling good, but taking it easy as well. I want to thank you as I know that my recovery was so important, I feel that working with you helped immensely. Thanks!
Hi Andrea and Acupuncture Northwest! We were able to have almost exactly the birth experience we were hoping for with an unmediated out-of-hospital birth. I definitely think that all of the acupuncture during my pregnancy helped with a smooth and speedy labor. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Customer Testimonails
A happy parents video. Very sweet!

- Brian & Brielle
I feel that acupuncture definitely made a huge difference for me. Two told me that I would never be able to have children, and to look into other ways to build a family. I kept doing the acupuncture, and ate a careful diet. Six months later, I got pregnant without the help of fertility treatments, and was finally able to carry a baby to term. We are now the very happy parents of a 13 month old boy. I really believe that acupuncture helped me get pregnant and stay pregnant.
- Tara
My FSH is now 5.9. (When I was told the number over the phone, I had to have her repeat it three times, I was just stunned!!) When I was first tested in December, it was 33. Our Ob/Gyn said that the number could bounce around, but there was almost no chance that it would ever be a normal level. Two months later, and here I am. All of you are miracle workers! Thank you!!!!!!
- S.G. (now mother of two)
Hi, Just wanted to let you know I got a positive pregnancy test this month. It's still early, of course, and we're keeping our fingers crossed, but thank you for all your help!
- CY
Hi Andrea and Acupuncture Northwest! Thank you for all the support and care during my pregnancy. You are the best.
Thanks, Stephanie Gianarelli and Acupuncture Northwest, for making our little bundle of joy possible and for the cute onesie! We owe our happiness to you.
Dear Acupuncture Northwest & Associates team, Thank you so much for the care you gave us on our journey to parenthood.
After several years of invasive fertility treatments, coupled with drugs that altered my mood and body, I gave up on science. I was a believer in statistics and data, but science failed me. I opened my mind to the idea of acupuncture as a means of getting my sense of self back. If a pregnancy came along, that would be an unexpected gift. When I met with Cindy, she was warm, compassionate, and asked questions about my body and overall health that made sense. She recognized my initial worries about acupuncture and put them at rest. I never once felt unsure, uncomfortable, or unclear when Cindy treated me, as I had with Western doctors. Acupuncture relaxed me and ultimately (coupled with Cindy's dietary advice), allowed my body to become pregnant! I saw Cindy until my 8th month of pregnancy and I truly believe she is a monumental reason why my son James is here. My husband and I do not have enough words to thank her.
- Liz
Customer Testimonails
Great news! we had a positive test! Thank you so much for all that you have done to help us. I cannot put into words how much it means. Thank you thank you thank you!
Hi Andrea, Got the call from the nurse today and we're pregnant!
You were correct! We are having a boy! Just found out this afternoon. Everything looked healthy and on target.
I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support. Our miracle baby finally arrived and I know if wouldn't be possible without you. You are truly special and I'm forever grateful to you!
As others have attested, the staff at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates is phenomenal. In 2011, I had the typical over-40 diagnosis of high FSH and low AMH from a reproductive specialist. I also had the same fertility prognosis most women over 40 hear from reproductive clinics. I was basically told not to have much hope in conceiving with my own eggs or having a take-home baby due to my age. Unfortunately, I also learned I had a blocked tube and a tube that was not functioning. As I worked on getting the tube issues corrected through western medical treatment, I saw Stephanie for adjunct, TCM treatment. She walked the trying-to-conceive journey with me every step of the way. Her treatment plan was specifically designed to treat MY issues; it was not a blanket approach. There were a couple times when I needed to take a break and she agreed; and she was there when I started up again. January 2012, I decided I should let go and chose to quit trying. I had one final treatment with Stephanie and said good-bye. Imagine my surprise when I learned 3 weeks later I was pregnant! I saw Stephanie through my first trimester. In November 2012 I delivered a healthy baby boy, at age 42. If you are looking for compassionate, effective health care, I recommend Stephanie and the staff at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates!
- Annie R.
Thanks to modern Western and ancient Chinese Medicines and of course Cindy, I have 2 wonderful children. We had to undergo fertility treatments and with each one I felt confident that the treatments would work knowing Cindy and acupuncture were helping. The treatments were so relaxing. I always left The Healing Point feeling like I had just had a massage! (Cindy's old practice on the East Coast)
- Julie
I tried Acupuncture NW after having 3 miscarriages and my reproductive medicine doctor couldn't find a cause. I was skeptical at 1st, but Andrea and Stephanie were my acupuncturists and were fantastic. They coached me to use basal body temperature, increase certain foods in my diet, drink an herbal tea, etc. After 2 months in their care with weekly appointments I was pregnant. I continued weekly appointments through the 1st trimester and now no longer need to see them with the risk of miscarriage at this point being very rare. I felt very well taken care of by them and I will go back when it's time to try for our next baby!
Just thought I'd send a note to say hello and let you know my pregnancy is going fine. I'm in my 23 week and it's a girl! We couldn't be more excited and happy. Thank you for the treatments and guidance.
Guess what? I tested positive for pregnancy this week! I'm so thrilled and excited. Thank you so much for all you've done for me.
Thanks for helping us to bring this sweet baby into the world! I am looking forward to working with you again when we are ready for baby #2.
We had the ultrasound yesterday and the baby's head is down!!
When you have no hope left. After being told by a BIG name reproductive clinic in Seattle that you will never be able to get pregnant, you don't even qualify for IVF. You could maybe look for a donor, I found the book "The Infertility Cure". That was 5 months ago. This reproductive clinic diagnosed me with high FSH, low quality/quantity eggs, and low follicle count. I was 39 and they made it very clear that my hope for having a child on my own was impossible. I read "The Infertility Cure" in two days. It addressed my issues among many many others that women, who so desperately want to have a child, face. I researched and found that Acupuncture NW practiced "The Infertility Cure" methods so I booked an appt. After an initial consultation, I was immediately put at ease. They explained to me in depth about a woman's body and hormonal changes. And how they can be put back in balance with diet, herbs, vitamins, and acupuncture. That was in November. I'm less than two months from my 40th birthday and I found out I am pregnant. Less than 4 months of treatment with Acupuncture NW and I am pregnant. And the cost of the herbs and acupuncture treatment was a fraction of the cost of the one visit and evaluation with the reproductive clinic. Nothing fancy, no invasive or expensive treatments. Just some easy to take herbs and relaxing acupuncture sessions. And very positive people who never failed to give me hope.
We'll be back for our second!
- Ellie P.
My husband and I both received treatment for infertility at Acupuncture Northwest and couldn't be happier with our experience. We sought out acupuncture to complement our fertility treatment after undergoing a few failed IUI's and a miscarriage. For starters the staff is phenomenal. Our acupuncturist, Stephanie Gianarelli was both compassionate and professional. She really listened to us, worked with the treatment we were receiving from our fertility clinic, and was eternally positive. In fact, Stephanie continued to reassure us and believe in our ability to conceive when we thought it was entirely impossible. On occasion, we were treated by other acupuncturists in the office who were just as great. We also worked with Diana Soto, a counselor in the office who really helped me with relaxation and visualization techniques that were pivotal to our success. We also took hypnobirthing classes with Diana that were incredibly useful during my labor. While the staff is great, it's the results that are truly impressive. After working with Acupuncture Northwest, I was ovulating on schedule without the aid of medication. My husband's infertility stemmed from low motility and low mobility sperm. His results are even more impressive as after about 3 months of treatments, he more than doubled his count of quality sperm. (Even the fertility clinic was surprised!) Last January we finally conceived and I continued acupuncture treatments for several weeks. I also had acupuncture during the last several weeks of my pregnancy, which helped immensely with the discomfort I was experiencing. I credit the hypnobirthing classes with helping me labor my baby down before I needed to do any pushing and with helping me to relax when I started trembling uncontrollably during labor. In fact, the baby was so low when I started to push that he was out in less than 20 minutes. I now have a beautiful and healthy 1 month old son and I truly don't think he would be here without their help!
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Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that he was born in November 2010. After he was estimated to be a whopping 11.5 lbs, he was only 11 lbs. as it turns out! We are in heaven. It goes without saying that you guys are the reason why he is here. I know I wouldn't have been able to weather through everything without your support, passion and positivity. Thank you so much
- Love, S.S.
Dear Stephanie, Thank you so very much for everything you did to help us achieved our dream of having a child. He was born weighing in at 10 pounds and almost one ounce! It was a very long labor, but fortunately, He and I made it through it okay and both of us are now happy and healthy. I've enclosed a few photos because I can't help myself. I'm so thankful for the support I got at Acupuncture NW throughout my journey to the little guy.
- With Gratitude, M & M
Dear Stephanie, Saying “thank you” feels completely inadequate. I truly believe that I would not be sitting here holding C. in my arms had it not been for you and your wonderful clinic. I came to see you initially convinced that I had undiagnosed fertility problems and would not be able to conceive. After our first meeting, you set my mind at ease and I immediately felt the benefits of the acupuncture and herbs you prescribed. A few weeks late, I was pregnant! During my pregnancy, you spent more time asking about and understanding my condition than my doctor ever did. You helped me get through the scary period of spotting during my first trimester. Then, when I developed hypertension in my 3rd trimester, the acupuncture and your continuing advice and support made an amazing difference. Your treatments also helped immensely in keeping my blood sugars under control when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. You are an amazing person and we are so lucky to have you in our community.
- Love Always, E.P.
Dear the amazing Staff of Acupuncture NW, I just wanted to write to say thank you again and share a picture of our little guy. You all truly are doing amazing work and I'm so thankful for your support and care. You may hear this a lot, but I truly believe you are working miracles in the lives of so many. We certainly are grateful for the precious miracle you help bring into our world. I know he wouldn't be here if I hadn't found you all. Wishing you all the very best in the New Year and Happy Chinese New Year!
- Gratefully, K & J
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Dear team at Acupuncture NW, After a week of waiting, J. finally arrived! We're sleep deprived, but pretty blissed out! Thank you so much for all your care before and during the pregnancy, for your contribution to this little miracle and keep up the great work!
Dear Friends at Acupuncture Northwest, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the expert care of Acupuncture Northwest in preparation and duration of pregnancy- you have made all the difference with the "prescriptions" of pineapple, bone marrow soup, and various cocktails of herbs, but certainly your kindness and care throughout made a huge impact for me emotionally and spiritually as I've made the miraculous leap into motherhood, for which I am so grateful!
Just to update you- he was born on Nov. 7 via unexpected C-section. It was a difficult process but we are so thrilled to have our baby boy with us. He was pink, healthy, and prefect and he rocked our world! We want to thank you for all of your help, support and guidance through this long journey. His conception and birth would have never been possible without your help. You are amazing and we are so grateful to you!!
Thank you for all you did to help bring our little miracle baby into this world. He is an amazing joy and such a blessing.
- All our best, Connie
Thank you all so very much for helping me to achieve my dream!
- All my love and gratitude, Sandra
I would like to introduce Molly. She is our angel, such a sweet little girl. Hard to believe we had a girl. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement over the last couple of years. It has definitely been worth the wait…. And 22 hours of labor!
Thanks for all your help with our pregnancy. We couldn't have done it without you! We are tired by very happy!
I've been meaning to get in touch with you for a while now. I wanted to let you know that we gave birth to a very healthy bouncing baby boy on November 21. He's already three months old and the maternity leave is slipping by faster than I can imagine. I want to thank you again for the part you played in helping us to create our little bundle of joy. Thankfully, he's a very easy baby and sleeps all night every night. Gotta love a baby that will do that for you. I'm sure you're partly responsible for his easy-going nature! ;o) Best Wishes and Thanks again. I'll continue to tell all my friends about you.
Thanks for making/helping this miracle to occur!
- Tracy
Thank you, you helped make Naomi! She's two.
- XO Petra
Dear Stephanie & team, Thanks so much for helping to bring our little boy into the world. You believed that we could make this happen when we had no hope left. He is a miracle and I will be forever grateful for your help. It was a long labor and it was a short delivery, requiring only 20 minutes of pushing! Though I received an epidural, hypnobirthing really helped me breathe the baby down before I even started to push. He is very healthy and already growing at an astonishing rate! Thanks again for everything. (I'm sure we'll see you again when it's time for our second!)
- Ellie
I can't thank you enough for your part in making this miracle happen.
- Forever Grateful, B & T
Thank you so much for all that you've done for me and my family, and for all couples experiencing fertility issues in general. Because of all of you and your expertise, knowledge, and compassion our family will grow by one. Thanks so much for doing what you do. You have helped to make us ecstatic and excited to become parents again in early 2009.
- Blessings to you, T & M
I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and absolutely appreciated all of your fabulous care for me throughout my pregnancy! You are the best!!! I look forward to coming in soon for a treatment!
- Love, Kristina
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You and your practice have been such an important part of our family journey. We really appreciate everything you've done.
- Love, Sharon
Acupuncture NW Friends! Thank you so much for helping our dreams come true with all your support and assistance throughout the fertility process. Our son is an absolute miracle and I don't think it would have been possible without all that you did to help! We will be forever grateful. Hope to see you all soon!
To everyone at ANW: Thank you so much for your loving, strong support on my journey to motherhood! Thank you again, for taking great care of me and giving me hope and faith.
- Leah
Dear Acupuncture Northwest, I could not have done it without you! You gave me so much support throughout this pregnancy. I cannot begin to thank you enough. Now life is very sweet and wonderful with our baby girl.
Diana and Stephanie, It is incredible and thank you for all of your support throughout my pregnancy. I can't wait for everyone to meet the boys. I will definitely bring them in once we are settled at home. Thank you!
Dear Stephanie and all at Acupuncture Northwest, We have made it to the first month mark! We have more energy now and Sophie is doing really well. Her brother has adjusted to all the changes without much trouble. My milk supply seems to be okay this time around. We hope to visit sometime soon. With thanks!
My dearest friends of Acupuncture NW, Thank you for all the support surrounding the conception, pregnancy, and birth of our baby. You played such a key role in the successful out coming- and we are all enjoying getting to know this little outcome more and more each day. Again, we have so much to thank you for! With love, friendship & gratitude
Thank you all so very much for your wonderful care in my attempt to become pregnant and throughout my pregnancy with Lily. Thanks again.
Dear the Acupuncture Northwest Team, We are so blessed to have our family complete and greatly appreciate your support! Life with twins and a 5 year old is crazy by wonderful. I'm glad to have this time off and will start thinking about new employment late this year or early next. We really appreciate your support in fulfilling our dreams to expand our family!
- Thank for your thoughtfulness, Michelle
I can't thank you all enough for your care and support through my fertility and pregnancy "adventure". You are an amazing group of women and I feel blessed to have met you. The work you do is invaluable!
- With love, Brigitta
I miss coming to see you! After two miscarriages I started coming and now I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl! I also had a beautiful water birth that couldn't have been better! I cannot say enough wonderful things about you all and give you enough thanks!
- J.S.
I've attached a picture of my adorable Alexander who you helped bring to me. He'll be 15 months soon and I can hardly believe it. He is such an amazing gift. I think of you all often as I say thanks for my boy and everyone who helped us have him.
- C.P.
We are so grateful to all of you for your help in making our child a reality for us!
- S.G.
We cannot thank you enough on how much you helped us achieve this pregnancy and this beautiful child. Her name is April.
- K.R.
I owe you all a big thanks for getting me through the last year. I swear your treatments are what helped me get pregnant in the first place, and for that, I am grateful. I hope you are all doing well. Take care!
- L.A.
I am so grateful to have worked with you through my pregnancy. I really believe acupuncture and massage have helped me with conception, pregnancy and beyond. They have also helped me birth without meds, I think, along with a regular yoga practice.
- I.F.
Thanks again for everyone at Acupuncture NW & Associates. You have been so incredibly supportive. I know that I couldn't have gotten through these last couple years without all of you. It really has meant so much to me to have such a caring health care team and I know that it is because of you that I am able to celebrate a pregnancy today!
- A.L.
I saw you for a couple months and in August of '05 my FSH was back down to 6. Finally in January of 2006 I became successfully pregnant with my son, Beau, at the age of 42. He is a healthy happy boy.
- K.P.
Thanks so much for the effort to induce my labor back in August. I think that the work you did helped soften up my cervix to really make things go smoothly and quickly.
- T.D.
Thank you for your ongoing care and support. I could not have done this without you. You are a huge part of making my dream come true.
- A.S.
Hi ladies! I promised Stephanie I would email you with any news so here it is: I'm pregnant!! Stephanie was right! You guys have been such a GREAT team through this difficult phase and I really do attribute much of my success to you. Thank you so much for your help, gals, and for listening to me drone on about how I'm sure I'm not pregnant AGAIN. My husband and I are so excited! And you guys are the first to know. Thank you, girls! You're the best!
- S.S.
I wanted to let you know that we gave birth to a very healthy bouncing baby boy named Cooper on November 21st. He's already three months old and the maternity leave is slipping by faster than I can imagine. I want to thank you again for the part you played in helping us to create our little bundle of joy. Thankfully he's a very easy baby and sleeps all night every night. Gotta love a baby that will do that for you. I'm sure you're partly responsible for his easy-going nature! Thanks again. I'll continue to tell all my friends about you.
- V.K.
Just wanted to Thank You for everything!!! I am Pregnant !! now 10 weeks. So far so good..but I am thinking that I will probably need some acupuncture later on for my back/siatiac nerve..just feeling like later that will be a problem. Again I thank you for everything…I truly believe that the acupuncture had something to do with my positive results. I have referred some others to you from my fertility support group.
- Nicole
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Hi, You remember correctly we tried IVF and many IUIs, all unsuccessful. After almost 3 years of trying to conceive, we finally succeeded with our second IVF, combined with your acupuncture treatment. We celebrated our son's first birthday last month. You may absolutely share our story. I would love to get the word out about our success with acupuncture and IVF. P.S. I may be scheduling a visit with you again in the coming months we gearing up for round.
- Suzy
Dear Stephanie, Just got my bHCG test results– POSITIVE!!!! Thanks for working your magic again!!!
- Suzy
I wanted to say "thank you". It's difficult to know how to say thank you for all the things that I believe you helped me with and dealing with my miscarriage, prepping me for IVF (mentally, physically, emotionally), relaxing me prior to transfer, relieving my MAJOR stress in the first trimester, and just generally being so fabulously supportive and encouraging. I really do believe you played a major role in enabling me to become (and remain) pregnant. So, how do I thank you for my baby and for helping to make my dreams come true?? It simply isn't possible. I hope that all is well with you both and that Acupuncture NW is as busy as it should be! I look forward to seeing you for pre-labor acupuncture! Big hugs to you both.
- S.G.
Hi, I returned from my ultrasound appointment and everything is developing in the right place and looks great. I actually saw the heartbeat. I'm scheduled for another ultrasound in 1 1/2 weeks, but I'll see you before that appointment. Thanks again for all you two have done. You made this possible for me. See you next week.
- L.R.
I wanted to express to both of you the biggest thank you for the work you had done with me last year on my infertility. Thanks to your amazing work, the treatments FINALLY worked! I did stop seeing you both last year in November because I was frustrated and disappointed in not getting pregnant. Well, I shouldn't have gotten discouraged so fast because I got pregnant at the end of December! I am sorry it took so long to write this message to you though. For the longest time, I didn't even realize I was pregnant because I was so tired of the infertility controlling my life. Then, when I found out, I was almost 10 weeks along! The next month was spent with genetic counseling and numerous tests. All have come back showing that the baby is 100% healthy and there aren't any issues. Both my husband and I feel so blessed and we feel that it was what you both did for me As you said a number of times, a women can create new, healthy eggs and I am proof of that. Thank you both and I will be forever grateful to you and honored that you took me as a patient and believed that it would happen, even when I was losing hope.
- T.B.
Customer Testimonails
I initially saw Stephanie at Acupuncture Northwest because I was stressed and saddened by my mother's terminal illness. Upon reflection of our own mortality, Darrell and I decided that the biological clock was ticking and that we were ready to conceive. Naively, I thought that because I was fairly young (34), active, and healthy, that I would conceive instantly. baby-foots After one year of trying, I decided to try the alternative methods presented by Stephanie, which included acupuncture and herbs. Initially she worked on areas to decrease stress in my life (my mother's illness and my stressful job as an ER nurse). Then in January 2003 she started fertility-based treatments. In May 2003, I became pregnant. My mother, Judith passed away in September, and my healthy baby Jude was born February 2004. After experiencing it firsthand, I can verify that trying to become pregnant is a stressful life event. The acupuncture and herbs prescribed by Stephanie not only facilitated my pregnancy but the treatments themselves were extremely relaxing and enjoyable. I worked with Stephanie before, during, and after my pregnancy and it was definitely a very nurturing, healing, and holistic experience. When I look at Jude, I appreciate life in a whole new way. As a health care provider, I would highly recommend anyone who is having fertility issues to try acupuncture before seeking the expensive and invasive methods of western medicine. Thank you Stephanie for treating my stress and sadness, my fears and frustrations, and my back pain and sciatica. But most of all, thank you for facilitating the birth of baby Jude.