Natural Pain Relief for Acute Athletic Injuries

Sports Medicine Clinic

Whether you’re an avid competitor, training for a race, or an everyday fitness enthusiast, acupuncture and massage therapy can help get you back in the game. Can’t do your favorite activity due to injury? Whether it's running in Seattle, playing tennis in Bellevue or biking in Tacoma, we’ve been there, too. Come see one of our sports medicine specialists to get you back to the activities you love!

Acupuncture treatments are a great thing to add to your recovery routine after acute traumatic injury. Best results are achieved when treatments start immediately after the time of injury. Acupuncture treatments for pain work to decrease acute swelling and inflammation, minimize pain, and improve blood flow to the area to insure the regrowth of healthy tissue. Patients experiencing stiffness, limited range of motion, and lingering pain from chronic, overuse, or half healed injuries can also benefit from acupuncture.

Apart from acupuncture, our sports medicine specialists may use tools such as cupping, moxibustion, dietary recommendations, and internal and external Chinese herbs to help injuries heal as quickly as possible. These treatments may also be used in conjunction with physical therapy or other sports medicine modalities to boost their effects. The goal is to get you safely back to the activities you love as quickly as possible.

Athletes also use acupuncture to decrease recovery time while training and to maximize general performance.

Acupuncture for athletic injuries and pain such as:

When I had my shoulder injury, Julie would treat me right after PT and my range of motion would increase by 20-30% in about a minute and a half. My physical therapist was so amazed and told me to always get acupuncture right after I had PT with her. Without acupuncture, it would have taken me much longer to heal my shoulder. Thank you, Julie!
So, your girl (Andrea) was a miracle worker. I did everything she told me to do on Saturday, I took it easy, did the ice, upped my electrolytes and on Sunday morning the pain was gone. She is a miracle worker…
Wonderful place. Stephanie, the owner is very personable and knowledgeable, she has done an excellent job getting me out of chronic pain. Thank you, ladies.
Treatment yesterday was super successful! No pain meds last night. Thank you!
I have been a client of Julie Booker's for the past 8 years. She has dramatically contributed to my healing after serious injury, as well as healing chronic pain caused by stress, like neck pain and headaches. My serious injuries included a concussion, a broken leg and a broken ankle. Julie helped to get things circulating and healing. She also helped my body, mind and spirit cope with the trauma I was experiencing. I trust her with my healing because of her mastery of the art and the science of Acupuncture. She has a warm, welcoming bedside manner that helps me relax and know that she is listening to everything that I say. With her broad knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine she reduces my pain and restores my energy. I always leave feeling stronger and with increased energy.
I feel like there is so much I could say to you in words of thank you, so I think I shall just say "Thank you". Your treatment is what finally brought my body back to feeling how it did before the accident and some. As well, my gracious thanks for being so understanding about the law settlement, the insurance company offered, I really couldn't find the energy to go to court over it, thank you.
I went to my first acupuncture appointment with great skepticism and fear. I confess I am a little needle phobic, but after a year of a painful tennis elbow, I was ready to try anything. Stephanie was very kind and gentle and really took the time to listen to me. But, best of all, after 4 treatments she cured my elbow and it has not bothered me since. As a physician, I now refer patients to her on a regular basis and the feedback I get is outstanding. She is a skillful practitioner and a wonderful person. I have also heard many great reports about the other acupuncturists in this office. My patients have had amazing successes from their treatments at Acupuncture Northwest.
I've been receiving treatments at Acupuncture NW for over 10 years for various injuries, aches and pains. They are very professional and all the acupuncturists are masters in their profession.