Work Studies

We have always had work studies at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates over the years. On and off. When Covid-19 hit, we had to get all non-providers out of our clinics. Our amazing billing manager, Jaeleen, now works from home and the acupuncturists have had to learn to take care of themselves more. 

We now have part time support in each clinic. This is how the "Work Study Program" was born. We have created a place where college students can be a part of our team, learn from us how to have an office job, be mentored by the clinic director and brought along by the other work studies and the framework the work studies have created themselves. They can be a part of a healthy work team and see that they are making a difference. They can train and be trained. The system has been set up to nurture and bring along the new work studies and help them thrive in an office setting. Work studies, because they are also students, are always part time and so you might not always see them, but know that they are in each office making sure your visit goes smoothly. All of this to conserve resources and keep the number of people down in each clinic for everyone's safety. 

We love being able to provide a healthy work environment to help these young people grow and then move on to start their own careers and we appreciate what they bring to Acupuncture Northwest, so much so, that we created this webpage just for them!

Here are our current work studies: Avina, Jennie and Savannah

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