Erica Wikan, CNM at University of Washington

Comments On An East/West Collaboration During Pregnancy


"As a certified nurse midwife, a great deal of my career is spent collaborating with various providers to help bring the best support to my patients. I seek out providers with similar values and care - to do what is best for the patient. I value a blend of Eastern and Western medicine and the exceptional providers at Acupuncture NW & Associates and I collaborate to help the families I work with achieve their goals.
Over the past five years, the different providers have taught me a tremendous amount about Eastern medicine to help me better integrate this approach to the care I provide to my patients. I have received positive feedback from every single patient that I have referred to Acupuncture NW & Associates. 
I prefer an East/West collaboration on issues such as: 

  • mood disorders, 
  • working through a history of trauma, 
  • as well as several unique pregnancy concerns including – 
    • nausea, 
    • headaches, 
    • elevated blood pressure, 
    • swelling, 
    • optimizing baby’s position, 
    • helping prepare the cervix for labor, 
    • breast milk production, 
    • among many other opportunities to work as a team for the highest good of the patient.

I cannot thank the providers enough for their presence and excellence in Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma!
Our community appreciates each and every one of you,"
Erica Wikan, CNM
University of Washington - Montlake Midwives 

September 2020