The Fire Element

The Life of the Party/Emperor

Fire Symbol

Physical symptoms of the Fire element include excessive perspiration, tendency to overheat, flushed complexion or pale complexion, skin irritations, palpitation and/or shallow breathing, exhaustion and/or low blood pressure. The organ of the Fire element is the heart.

Psychological and behavioral symptoms include mood swings, restless, agitated, difficulty in concentrating for long periods of time, rapid speech patterns, and exhaustion. The emotion of the Heart is anxiety, but also joy.

The Fire Element pertains to the Heart and the season is summer. Anxiety is the emotion common to the Fire type and they can also be prone to Heart problems (both physical and emotional). They often get insomnia and are often easily startled. Because the Heart houses the spirit, emotional disturbances are common to the Fire type.

The flavor of the Fire Element is bitter. Bitter is cooling in nature and can cool an overheated Heart (think spirit). Bitter foods include small amounts of dark chocolate or coffee. Bitter greens are also great for an agitated Fire type. Other examples of the bitter flavor are romaine lettuce, rye and alfalfa.