The Water Element

Water Element

The absolute nature: The Tao, tee Void, the no-thing from which everything arises
timeless. space-less

  • Represents absolute Yin, absolute rest, passivity and receptivity)
    The first intention
  • Symbolizes life and death. (destructive and creative potentiais)

The winter

  • The stillness
  • Sharp quiet of winter
  • The earth as seed... our/jing … potential
  • Conservation of resources: cessation of work

Water in nature: the Rhyam of water

  • What are the qualities? The deepest depths to she shallowest trickles:
  • Ocean metaphor
  • "Water is the only Truth of wats:, and water is complete virtue"
  • Should be moving if in health
  • No boundaries,., dammed oy earth, mother is metal
  • Echoes the Tao as the "source of all'" because it is in all things
    Wellness of creativity ... Ultimate source of creativity (beneath conscious awareness)

Water Constitution.

  • Virtue: Wisdom, Zhi, "knowing without knowing," the “sage”
  • Focus, concentration, direction of will … focus on shen on jing
  • Awareness of internal resources (life thesis)
    Fantasy/recklessness: overactive mind and CNS
    Orthodoxy conservative frozen in fear … no evolution