An Experiment With Ketogenics

The Better Baby Book Cover Sleeve

My most recent nutritional bio-hacking experiment involved a five month personal trial of the Ketogenic diet after listening to some interesting interviews with Dave Asprey, Dominic D’Agostino Phd, Dr. Duncan Lewis, Dr. Thomas Seyfried and author Elaine Cantin.  They are all proponents of the resurgence of this diet for its possible benefits, in blood sugar balancing, weight loss, cardiovascular health, diabetes, epilepsy and even cancer.  My overall experience with this high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate/no sugar diet has been pretty positive and seems to have put the kibosh on some pesky health issues I had been noticing as I cycle into my 50’s. 

My reason for blogging today is that in my travels down this gustatory rabbit hole I came across Lana  and Dave Asprey’s  book titled  The Better Baby Book: How to have a Healthier, Smarter, Happier Baby , which I decided to read  thinking it might shed some light on ways I can support our clients to improve fertility and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

 This new book has a unique perspective compared to many other books about fertility and maternal health, as they are strong proponents of eating a lot of healthy fat and reducing consumption of carbs and other sources of mycotoxins toxins in the environment.  The book includes many of the principles Dave Aspery has focused on in his Bulletproof Executive series of podcasts in which he interviews a wide range of guests from various realms of the bio hacking community. As a couple they also applied the principles in the book leading up to and throughout  Dr. Lana Asprey’s  successful second pregnancy.  

Ideally it would be best consulted for a year prior to actually becoming pregnant however there a great number of useful recommendations that could be implemented once you are pregnant.  Most of the citations for the book can also be found on the website  All in all its definitely worth taking a look at and is presently available in the Seattle public library if your not interested in adding another book to your permanent collection.

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