Environmental Toxins

L&I To Cover Fertility Claims

You may now be eligible for benefits for occupational hazards that affect your fertility.

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L&I To Cover Exposure at Work for Fertility

Many of our female patients, and their partners, work, and some are exposed to occupational hazards that affect the ability to conceive, the health of the unborn child,...

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Detoxify Your New Year!

Detoxification, what a great New Year’s Resolution!  We offer guidance through our detoxification program at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates.  Read on to get excited about getting those toxins...

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Increase fertility by reducing BPA exposure

There are studies showing BPA levels may decrease male fertility and increase risk of miscarriage.  BPA is a synthetic estrogen found in the lining of cans and hard...

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Are these eggs already fertilized??

An interesting study has been released showing the adverse effects of BPAs on human eggs, with some of the eggs actually acting like they are already fertilized!  Here’s...

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