Get a Doyo Treatment!


Hi, it’s Natalie here from the Seattle office and I’m here to talk to you about the Doyo.

The change of seasons marks a time of great change in Chinese Medicine. We can easily see the external changes in our environment and bodies during this time: turning leaves, sniffly noses, congested sinuses, and flaky skin. Subtle internal changes can be happening as well: feelings of melancholy, a need to let go of things that aren’t useful anymore.   All of these things mark the change from Summer (a bright and energetic time) to Fall (slow, steady, and introspective time).

A Doyo acupuncture treatment is the perfect thing to get this time of year.  Doyo is the time between seasons in Japanese, especially between summer and autumn.  This treatment is helpful in boosting the immune system and alerting the body of the seasonal changes at hand. The body sometimes needs a cue that its ok to slow down, and this treatment can do that.  All acupuncturists at ANW are also Chinese Medicine herbalists. If you have sinus pressure, allergies, a cold/flu, or want an immune boost, herbs can help! 

Make an acupuncture or Chinese herbal appointment today to help your body and mind embrace Fall with open arms. 

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