Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Year of the dog Zodiac Symbol

On February 16th, we will be entering the year of the Earth Dog. According to Chinese Zodiac, people who are born into the year of the dog are Honest, Loyal and Hard-working. The characteristic of loyalty is most defining, as dogs are known in many cultures to be guardians, whether that is a guardian of a temple or of their home. Dogs also act as defenders of the weak and protectors of peace. We can expect a year defined by justice on the international stage, with people all over protesting for wrongs of the past to be righted.

For all our friends born into the year of the dog – this is your year! Expect to have both personal and work endeavors be successful, and be sure to stand passionately by the social issues close to your heart. Make self care a top priority this year, so you can fight for justice and protect your inner peace!

Luckily for everyone else, the year of the Earth Dog promises to be both inspiring and productive.

Whether or not you’re a Dog, come in this year and let us take care of you, while you protect and defend everyone else!

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