Labor Prep Acupuncture

Pregnant person sitting in chair, leaning against massage table with acupuncture needles in. They al

So many of our patients come to us to get pregnant, they then see us through their pregnancies and as they prepare for labor. Here is one of our patients today using acupuncture to prepare for labor!

Here is some more information about acupuncture for labor preparation:

Labor Prep acupuncture and acupressure is one of the best kept secrets of Chinese medicine. When a woman prepares for labor using acupuncture at the office and acupressure at home, the results can be dramatic. If we have a very committed couple doing the acupuncture and acupressure leading up to delivery, it is amazing the stories they come back with how well the birth has gone! It is highly worth it to take the time to prepare for labor with acupuncture and acupressure.

Our goal is to have every pregnant person go into labor already dilated to 8 cm. We work very hard with women from 36 weeks onward to help them and their bodies get prepared for labor. We use acupuncture and have support people do acupressure both towards this end - prepare for labor so that the birth is efficient and the woman's body is prepared.

Labor Prep Acupuncture and Acupressure Can:

  • Reduce stress hormones. Stress can cause oxytocin levels to drop and labor contractions to slow down.
  • Help to dilate and ripen the cervix.
  • Help prepare the body for labor to start naturally.

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