New Birth Center Opens in Kirkland!

Andrea Iwi'ula, our wonderful Bellevue acupuncturist, has been practicing for over 20 years. She has recently been getting out into the Eastside community, visiting fertiltiy clinics, Ob/Gyn's, and other providers in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah and Woodenville to see what people are doing to serve people trying to get pregnant and create families. Andrea recently visited a new birth center run by a certified nurse midwife. The fact that this birth center has been founded by a nurse midwife makes it unique in the area and a great addition to the choices women have when deciding where to give birth. Here is Andrea's article:

Empowered Pregnancy Birth and Women’s Wellness Clinic is a full service Boutique Midwifery center run by Kimberly Johansen and Roxanne Spring. A beautifully well thought out space that caters to women who would like professional care, personalized attention and their delivery in a safe, comfortable, relaxed “at home” birthing environment.

Empowered Pregnancy is located in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland, approximately 2 blocks from Evergreen Hospital. This is a two-fold clinic with the birth center on one side and the Women’s Wellness Clinic on the other. The Women’s Wellness Clinic provides regular prenatal check-ups, additional classes highlighting information and care for both mother and baby as well as postpartum support. 

The Birth Center provides a private secure 24-hour entrance. Each Suite is stocked with necessary medical equipment that is discreetly tucked away and locked in customized cabinetry. Each Birthing Suite comes with multiple laboring options: a large birthing tub, an open shower with rain feature, hook for available Rebozo wrap or comfortable birthing bed that looks out on a tree lined picturesque pond. 

My talk with Kimberly was wonderful! She’s an ARNP and Midwife with over 20 years of experience in Labor and Delivery. She’s an immensely caring woman with a direct approach that leaves you feeling listened to and in very capable hands. Having spent multiple years in hospitals, Kimberly found that the research supported that only 6% of births needed completion through C-section, and yet, the hospital statistics for C-sections were upwards of 33-34%. She wanted to create a space where women could have the time to move to active labor naturally and appropriately while also being equipped to monitor the physical, psychological and social well being of both mother and infant.

Here is a link to Empowered Pregnancy's website.

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