PCOS, pregnant after Clomid failed to promote ovulation

PCOS Case Study

Overview: 29 year old female presenting with a history of irregular menstruation, ranging from 35-55 days. She was diagnosed with PCOS two years prior to her first visit at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates and had been trying to conceive for one year. Her western doctor put her on metformin, a diabetic drug to control insulin, but the drug caused unfavorable side effects and did not normalize her cycle. After 5 months of trying to conceive while taking the metformin, she decided to try Clomid to help induce ovulation, but without success. She also suffered side-effects from the Clomid including hot flashes, irritability, and decrease cervical fluid. Her menses continued to be delayed during Clomid cycles, and Prometrium was used to induce a menstrual flow. 

Menstrual history: She received menarche at age 12 and was put on OCP’s during her teens and 20’s due to menstrual irregularities. When she went off of the birth control pill 1 year ago she started experiencing cramps during menses, severe PMS, and a ‘saw tooth’ pattern to her basal body temperatures – with no temperature spike. 

Treatment:  This patient became dedicated to following the nutritional recommendations for a ‘PCOS’ diet which includes nutrient rich whole foods with a low glycemic index and excludes all forms of simple, refined sugar and carbohydrates. She also started doing yoga, receiving weekly acupuncture treatments, and taking a Chinese herbal formula to regulate her cycle and induce a healthy ovulation. We started with a ‘tri-phasic’ formula given pre-ovulation, at the time of ovulation, and post-ovulation.  Her temperatures continued to present in a saw tooth pattern. We then added additional herbs to further tonify her system and within two months her temperature was spiking and she was ovulating on her own. The herbs were given to tonify the spleen and blood, drain dampness, tonify kidney yin and soothe the liver.

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