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With locations in both Seattle and Tacoma, our team at Acupuncture Northwest & Associates has the pleasure of being apart of two vibrant communities.  Maintaining this sense of community, however, can be hard at times amidst our growing cities. We’ve found that getting to know our patients, fellow acupuncturists, and healthcare providers is a great way to stay connected. Amongst the hectic traffic and construction work, there are good people in our city, doing good things every day. 

Like many of our best new discoveries! We first heard about Mary Connor, founder of The Complete Nanny, from a patient of ours. Described to us as a “saint”, Mary seemed like someone we should get to know as we continue to cultivate our ANW community.  At our request she generously spoke with us about her child-care placement company, her passion for children, and her work with foster care programs and orphanages. 

From a young age, Mary always had a heart for children and orphans. From going on mission trips abroad, to working as a nanny herself, she has always been pulled in the direction of helping kids. With this experience in mind, she founded The Complete Nanny in 2008 with the mission of providing Seattle families with quality child-care, and nannies with support and rewarding jobs.  Based on a personalized process, the company helps families and  match up with compatible nannies, and then helps facilitate administrative needs and ongoing support. 

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One of the things that sets The Complete Nanny apart from other companies in the area besides its excellent service, is its commitment to helping those in need. Mary ensures 10 percent of gross profits go directly to foster care and orphanage programs from around the world. 

Not only does Mary donate profits, she is also involved in a local foster-care program called Hand in Hand. Based in Everett, this non-profit provides a safe haven for children to stay when they have just been removed from their families and are waiting for a foster home. They also provide support to foster parents, social workers, and biological parents through programs that help them engage in their community. 

Mary herself has volunteered at Hand in Hand’s Safe Place (helping kids in the first 72-hours of being removed), fostered 7 children short-term, and is currently fostering 2 children long term.  She has seen how difficult it can be for social workers to find foster families for these kids, especially during the summer months.  

One of her biggest takeaways from working with foster children is how normal they are. Most often they are sweet kids who just need a loving and stable place to be during a time of turmoil. With the help of Hand in Hand and patient, tireless social workers, most children are returned to their stabilized homes in 30 days or less. 

Our biggest takeaway from our conversation with Mary is: YES, she is a saint. By incorporating a philanthropic nature into the very bones of her business, Mary is able to help ALL kids be taken care of, not just those born into stable homes.  We are so happy to have Mary be apart of our community, and encourage everyone to learn more about The Complete Nanny and the Hand in Hand organization. See links below for ways you can become involved. 

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