Your Role in Your Healthcare Journey

Happy woman with her hands in the air.

We live in a climate where overstress and taxation is considered normal. This climate also contributes to  a lack of quiet, paying attention, and tuning into what your body needs or is trying to tell you. Often, we see the results of that coming through our door in a myriad of ways. Modern ideas of treatment trend towards being one of reaction, only coming into play once discomfort and pathology become apparent. The patient’s role in this is usually one of passivity, and sometimes fast results are given or expected. 

However, here at ANW we strive towards a true partnership between patient and practitioner. This includes a look at what happens beyond the treatment room, and lifestyle factors that could augment or enhance the course to better health. Even the most gifted acupuncturist cannot lift someone out of fatigue if they are not showing up for themselves by listening to their body and nourishing themselves in the way that is required. 

Ultimately, it is up to the patient how much they want to show up for themselves. Expect to be an active partner in your own healing, and a participant in your own self-discovery. First treatments usually involve extensive questioning on lifestyle, diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. Where we can find a tweak or intervention, we will make the suggestion. This does not have to be an all-or-nothing idea. Usually it takes baby steps and routine to make a habit, and we understand that interruptions happen. Show up for yourself. Come to the appointments. Make the changes in steps. Over time, you’ll be able to listen and tune in to what your body needs or is trying to tell you, and you will need our guidance less and less. You’ll find that you’re able to get out of our doors and into feeling better much faster if you do. 

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